Introduction of Wangs

In August 1998, Wangs (Jinzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. (the initial framework Wangs Group) was established, who pioneered the research, manufacture and commercializaion(Export) of Cartap (98%) and monosultap (95%) of high purity and was the first one to promote new and characteristic products like Diafenthiuron, Acetamiprid, etc. ?to overseas market. In year 2000, Wangs Ltd. (a member of Wangs Group) acheaved an export turnover of over USD10 million, one of the largest among the private enterprises and one of the largest exporters of Glyphosate in China. The two products,Lasher and Cosmos , manufactured by Wangs (Hubei) Chemicals Co., Ltd., are up until now unique new products specially used for mulberry, well known and accepted by mulberry planters.

In year 2010, the group completed strategic transformation and started to concentrate on, self-owned brands and technology. ?Wangs CropScience Co., Ltd. was established for this purpose. Engaged in the integrated pest management(IPM) and development on organic and ecological agriculture, combine resources of R & D institutions, manufacturers and marketing channels home and abroad, and provides biological/physical protection solutions with our own proprietary intellectual property rights to agriculture, forest, animal husbandry, aquaculture, urban environment, etc. ?

In Nov, 2014, Wangs held the major shares of Yanbian Tianbao Biological products Manufacturing Co. ?and started marketing of Lordship (A plant-extracted anti-fertility against rodents). So far, a number of products have been successfully launced, i.e., solar pest killing lamp (combining light and ?sex pheromone technology), Trapper, Bio-Missile, etc, against rats, fire ants, pests, diseases and weeds on plants in the fields of agriculture, forest, animal husbandry, aquaculture, pubic health,etc. ?Together with our unique renewable energy technology, Wangs will contribute to creating the ecological agriculture circle, serving and protecting the whole industry chain of safe foods.