Solutions for Rice
Vicoger— High efficiency against rice insects
Tries— Drive borers out to die
Vinc — Special against rice insects
Boost — Deracinate borers by virus
Doorkeeper— Expert in Control of Rice Planthopper and Leafhopper
Solutions for Vegetables
Defense — High-Effective against Diamondback Moths and Caterpillars
Whip — Completely solve the resistance problem of flea beetle
Emmer King — Completely solve the resistance problem of diamondback moth
Drill — High efficient against bean podborer
Wellguard — Special insecticide against caterpillars and moths with strong resistance.
Joy Hunter — Knock down quickly , kill insects & eggs ,Just a little , Super quick acting
Conquer — Special solution against vegetables moths
Smooth — Dredging crop¨s vessels and tubes , controlling soilborne disease completely
Solutions for Fruit trees
Choice — Kill mites at the same time with cleaning field, high effective under ether high or low temperature
Protector — Insecticide against small sucking insects
Knock-Out — Kill adult mites, nymphaes and eggs, kill out red and white spiders
Ag-force — Absolutely eradicate banana diseases
Proper — Eradicate leaf spot and scab at the same time
Banner — Eradicating Banana Leaf Diseases.
Solutions for Sugarcanes/Wheats/Cottons
Crackdown — Kill Underground Insects Deeply ? Protect Crops Roundly
Fire — Strong/ efficient hypertonic insecticide against hoppers and aphids
Shoot — Special insecticide against scale insects of resistance
Vicoger— Completely get rid of cotton white fly with strong resistance.
Solutions for Tea Trees
Troll — New formulation, high efficiency & safety
Tealer — High-efficient insecticide specially for export tea garden
Store Up — High effective insecticide for pollution free tea garden
Poleax — High efficiency against small sucking insects
Broad-spectrum Insecticides & Herbicides
Stronger — Friendly to environment and pollution-free ? high activity and broad insecticide spectrum
Extra Power — Pure Wangs Abamectin+Imidacloprid powder, broad spectrum and practicable
Sparkle — High viscosity , Quick action , Adding plant-extracted adjuvant with high-viscosity
Quiz — Termernator for gramineae grass in broad-leaved crops Field, solution towards canna
Come True — Dry farmland pregerminant crop herbicide, highly-concentrated and friendly to environment